The Flentrop Organ

Built in 1973-1974

This neo-baroque organ was originally built by Flentrop for the Netherlands Institute for Church Music. In 2006, it was moved to the St. Nicholas Church in Ghent in anticipation of the restoration of the church's Cavaillé-Coll organ.

About the organ

During the time of this organ’s construction, the Dutch organ builders sought a connection with historical instruments from their own country. The so-called ‘neo-Baroque’ ideals, a sharp sound and a very direct action, were gradually replaced by more width in the sound and a striving for greater blending between the various registers. This tendency can be found in this organ, also in the external design.

The ‘hoofdwerk’ has a classic disposition, with a Bourdon 16’. The ‘bovenwerk’ features elements from different traditions: French (Terts, nasard, Kromhoorn) and Romantic (Gamba, Swell cast). The third keyboard is an Echowerk.

During a festive celebration on December 5, 2006, the organ was officially donated by the Friends of St Nicholas Church to the ecclesiastical and civil authorities.


Hoofdwerk: Bourdon 16’, Prestant 8’, Holpijp 8’, Octaaf 4’, Fluit 4’, Octaaf 2’, Mixtuur IV sterk (1’), Trompet 8’.

Bovenwerk (in zwelkast): Gedekt 8’, Spitsgamba 8’ - C-B uit Gedekt, Prestant 4’, Spitsfluit 4’, Nasard 2 2/3’, Fluit 2’, Terts 1 3/5’, Mixtuur II sterk (1 1/3’), Kromhoorn 8’, Tremulant.

Echowerk: Bourdon 8’, Gedekte Fluit 4’, Fluit 1’, Cornet III sterk (discant).

Pedal: Subbas 16’ - C-B uit Bourdon 16’, Prestant 8’ - C-f transmissie, Gedekt 8’, Octaaf 4’, Fagot 16’.

Couplers: Pedaal - Hoofdwerk, Pedaal - Bovenwerk, Hoofdwerk - Bovenwerk.