Jakob De Vreese



Jakob De Vreese is the city carillonneur of Geraardsbergen (Belgium) and assistant carillonneur of Ghent (Belgium). He studied piano with Alan Weiss at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven, and studied organ with Paul De Maeyer. He studied carillon with Dina Verheyden at the Royal Carillon School ‘Jef Denyn’ in Mechelen.
He is also organist at the basilica of the pilgrimage of Oostakker-Lourdes, and is the co-organizer of several concert series in Ghent.

He gives concerts in different formations and formed the Sonata Duo together with Rachel Perfecto. They experiment with music for carillon, organ, piano and oboe. They often give concerts for carillon and oboe and quatre-mains carillon.