Peter Thomas

Aalst, Belgium

Peter Thomas was born in Aalst in 1961. He studied in Ghent at the Royal Music Conservatory, where he earned first prizes for piano, organ, and chamber music. At the Royal Flemmish Music Conservatory of Antwerp, he directed his attention to more theoretical subjects and earned first prizes for counterpoint and fugue, among others. He specialised in organ playing at the Conservatory of Maastricht, where he earned a diploma with great distinction.

As an organist, he can be heard on various CD recordings, and he frequently collaborates on production of Radio Klara. In addition to his publications, he works to promote the organ to a broad audience. For example, he organized the Vereecken Festival 2000 for the hundredth anniversary of the Vereecken organ in the St. Joseph Church of Aalst. In 2020, he became the titular organist of the Abbey of Grimbergen.

Peter Thomas is the director of the Municipal Academy for the Performing Arts in Aalst and a professor of music theory at the Royal Flemmish Conservatory of Antwerp.